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Digital Branding Nigeria

ICT Services

Digital Branding Nigeria provides one of the best, most trusted ICT field services in Lagos. From desk-side assistance to 24/7 cover, we’ll be there to give you the help you need, wherever and whenever you need it.

Digital Branding Nigeria has not been left out in this ever growing industry, we have seen the numerous changes brought about by the ICT sector and as such we have made it our commitment to see to it that other businesses grow with it. Our team of highly qualified hardware and software engineers are are ready to integrate your business.

Managed ICT Services:

Provides professional ICT managed services packages ranging from help desk support, purchase and repairs of ICT materials, managed print, and cloud computing.

  • Purchase and repairs of ICT materials such as Laptops, servers, storages, desktops.
  • OS and Software Updates
  • Security and anti-virus management
  • Internet, Network Configuration and Problem Resolution
  • Laptop and Printer installation and Troubleshooting
  • Server management and maintenance etc.
Digital Branding Nigeria
Service Offerings

Manage your ICT Environment

  • We believe computers and software should make our businesses more efficient and our people more productive.
    Therefore managing your information and communication technology (ICT) environment to increase efficiency and productivity is as important as managing your finances and people.